Poseidon 19 Inch Sand Filter

Product 3090113

Poseidon high rate sand filters are ideal for small to large domestic swimming pools and offer outstanding performance and durability. They have been specifically designed for the filtration of water in swimming pools under Australian conditions and are available in two sizes.

Benefits of Poseidon MF Series Sand Filters:

  • State of the art moulding techniques and constructed with high-density polyethylene materials, Poseidon Sand Filters easily meet the demands of modern day swimming pool design.
  • Corrosion resistant thermoplastics and chemical resistant components have been engineered to give years of trouble free service.
  • Incorporates easy-select multiport valve.
  • Ideal for use in Chlorine and Salt water swimming pools.
  • Other applications include irrigation, aquaculture and drinking water filtrations, as well as ponds and water features.
  • Easy to install.
  • 10 year conditional warranty (5 year + 5 year pro-rata).

Call the Hy-Clor help line on 1800 625 123 for all your pump selection and installation guidance and advice.

FL 3090113
MF 600 24"
FL 3090114
Maximum recommended flow rate 160 lpm 285 lpm
Maximum working pressure 350 kpa (3.5 bar) 350 kpa (3.5 bar)
Recommended pool size 55,000 litres 80,000 litres
Vertical clearance 119.4 cm -47 inches 130.8 cm -51.5 inches
Horizontal clearance 94.0 cm -37 inches 100.3 cm -39 inches
Sand requirements 79 kg 102 kg
ZEO-CLOR FL 3090117 70 kg 85 kg

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