Professional Series Eco Max Twin Speed Pump

Product 3090268

Moving water is healthy water. Power costs are forcing many pool owners to reduce the amount of time their pool pump operates each day. Stagnant water creates a breeding ground for bacteria and algae and creates a high chemical demand. Salt chlorinators only produce chlorine when the pump is running, plus it's difficult or impossible to feed chemicals into the pool when the pump is off.

The Professional Series Eco Max Twin Speed Pump is energy efficient and can be operated for much less than standard pool pump operations.

Why choose a Professional Series Eco Max Twin Speed Pump pump?

  • Energy saving - A truly efficient pool pump which uses only the power required. Delivering significant savings on standard pool pump operation, the "ECO" mode effectively circulates pool water and is ideal for use with salt chlorinators.
  • Power when you need it - The "POWER" setting will drive pool cleaners, solar equipment, water features and other ancillary equipment. With a high head capacity, the Professional Series Eco Max Twin Speed Pump has adequate power to perform heavy duty vacuuming and cleaning operations.
  • Easy to operate - Easily installed into new or existing swimming pool set ups. The top access "ECO/POWER" switch allows for quick convenient selection. Larger debris basket is easy to remove and replace.
  • Quiet - Designed to be non-intrusive, the "ECO" mode has been designed to run whisper quiet.
  • Peace of mind - Solid state of the art reinforced body construction, stainless steel shaft and mechanical seal give complete peace of mind in any pool environment. The Professional Series Eco max Twin Speed Pump comes with a two year warranty on the motor and outer body, and a one year warranty on all other components.

Call the Hy-Clor help line on 1800 625 123 for all your pump selection and installation guidance and advice.

Head Max. 16.5m 4m
Horse Power 1.5 0.5
Watts 1100 300
Amps 5.2 2.2
Flow Rate 400 LPM 180 LPM
Maximum Pool Size 80,000L 80,000L

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