Professional Series Salt Water Chlorinator

Product 3090272

The Hy-Clor SC25 Self Cleaning Chlorinator has been designed and manufactured with Australian conditions in mind. Engineered to save the pool owner time, money and effort, it uses state of the art technology and will provide years of loyal service.

Why choose a Hy-Clor SC25 Self Cleaning Chlorinator?

  • Easy to use - The user friendly interface gives you complete and effortless control of your pool sanitation.
  • Digital Timer - In-built timer can be set for multiple running periods per day giving you control of chlorine production levels.
  • Premium Materials - Constructed using high quality materials and the latest in electronic and cell technology available.
  • Self Cleaning - The SC25 has state of the art reverse polarity technology to keep the electrode and cell assembly clean and clear of calcium build up keeping maintenance to a minimum.
  • Easy to Install - The SC25 can be installed on both new and existing pools and has easy to follow instructions.
  • Peace of Mind - The SC25 comes with a one year warranty on both the power pack and the cell.

Call the Hy-Clor help line on 1800 625 123 for all your pump selection and installation guidance and advice.

MODEL SC25 Salt Chlorinator
Minimum Salt Content 4000ppm
Maximum Salt Content 6000ppm
Maximum Pool Size 65,000 LT
Maximum Chlorine Production 25g p/h

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