Poseidon Mk2 Pool Cleaner

Product 3220058

Poseidon MK2 Automatic Pool Cleaners delivers a superb cleaning performance in most pool types. Constructed from UV and chemical resistant materials it will provide years of faithful service.

Benefits of choosing a Poseidon Mk2 Pool Cleaner:

  • Reliability - With only one moving part it's engineered to deliver long reliable and trouble free service
  • Control - The adjustable valve allows you control of the cleaning speed and depth of cleaning required
  • Efficiency - Uses your pools existing pump and filtration system to thoroughly remove debris from your pool
  • Simplicity - The Poseidon Mk 2 is easy to install and contains all the hoses (10 x 1m) and fittings you require
  • to get up and running fast
  • Peace of mind - Comes with a 12 month
  • warranty


Product Code Name PART NUMBER
3090086 Pleated seal S250K
3090087 Hose cone S250H
3090088 Regulator valve S250G
3090089 Baffle/flapper/foot pad combo S250I - S250T - S250W
3090090 Elbow connection fitting S250W
3090091 Male/female hose
3090140 Female/female hose

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