MK2 is an ultimate set and forget automatic pool cleaner. Anti-twist swivel ensures full pool coverage by keeping hoses twist and kink free. Triple suction ports and a single moving part provides the kinetic energy to power it around the pool. Powerful vacuum action and extra wide mouth capture debris from above and below the fin for a more thorough cleaning. The fully adjustable flow gauge lets you control the speed and wall-climb while the floated deflector wheel and weighted bumper strap help MK2 reach corners in all pool shapes, types and across all pool surfaces. The plastics are UV protected and will weather all pool water environments making this a durable and effective all-round pool cleaner.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Hydrodynamic Fin - The Reinforced web design creates an efficient super-wide cleaning path that adapts to all pool surfaces. Contoured edges and dirt channels remove debris and allows MK2 to move around lights, drains and other obstacles
    • Triple-Port Suction – Debris and dirt are vacuumed from above and below the cleaner fin through a triple-port design. Twin-ports above and a wide mouth below the fin pull debris directly into the skimmer box for an effective clean
    • Wide Mouth for superb cleaning on first pass
    • Anti-twist head – Full pool coverage without twisting hoses
    • Bumper strap helps cleaner out of tight corners and around obstacles
    • Tuff-Hoses - Genuine Hy-Clor Tuff-Hoses create an airtight seal to optimise pump suction-power. UV protected, chemical resistant, tough, abrasion resistant and flexible, they help reduce repetitive cleaning patterns in all pool shapes
    • Contains all the fittings and accessories needed to install the cleaner
    • Includes 9 x 1m male/ female, and 1 x 1m Female/ Female Tuff hoses
    • Full range of spares available
  • Used on types of pools

    • All pools that have a skimmer box, pump and filter system
    • Minimum pump size 500w/ 0.75HP
    • Chlorine pools/ Salt Pools/ Swim Spas
    • All surfaces
    • Above-ground/ in-ground
  • Usage Frequency

    • Daily
  • Safety Data Sheet

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