Salt Water Chlorinator

Hy-Clor Self Cleaning Salt Water Chlorinator is designed to be used in most new and existing swimming pool types. It uses state of the art reverse polarity technology to keep the electrode and cell assembly clean and clear of calcium build ups common on normal salt chlorinator types.
Easy to use, easy to maintain the chlorinator will provide many years of trouble free operation.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Easy to install – comes complete with power pack and cell electrode assembly for quick and easy installation. An easy to follow installation guide is included
    • Clear cell housing – The cell plates are clearly visible so you can see your salt water chlorinator at work, producing the chlorine to ensure your pool is clean and clear
    • Touch button display – Chlorine production control is as simple as a touch of a button on the easy to read display
    • Compact power pack design – Designed to take up minimal space so the unit is as unobtrusive as possible
    • Self-cleaning – Allows you to spend more time using your pool that maintaining it

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