SliderVac delivers maximum cleaning power in all pool shapes and across all pool surfaces. Its effectiveness and versatility are proven. The long-life diaphragm provides whisper quiet cleaning and long-lasting suction power. The deflector wheel effortlessly guides the cleaner around corners, ladders and other obstructions. The contoured fin and multi-port suction create a 360° debris pick-up and wide cleaning path.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Hydrodynamic Fin - The Reinforced web design creates an efficient super-wide cleaning path that adapts to all pool surfaces. Contoured edges and dirt channels remove debris and allows SliderVac to move around lights, drains and other obstacles
    • Multi-Port Suction - Debris and dirt are vacuumed from above and below the cleaner fin through a multi-port design. Four ports above and a wide mouth below the fin remove debris without stirring up dirt on the pool floor
    • Wide Mouth for superb cleaning on first pass
    • Anti-twist head – Full pool coverage without twisting hoses
    • Tuff-Hoses - Genuine Hy-Clor Tuff-Hoses create an airtight seal to optimise pump suction-power. UV protected, chemical resistant, tough, abrasion resistant and flexible, they help reduce repetitive cleaning patterns in all pool shapes
    • Diaphragm - The whisper quiet long-life Diaphragm effortlessly moves the cleaner around the pool. Easy to clean, simple to replace
    • Contains all the fittings and accessories needed to install the cleaner
    • Includes 9 x 1m male/ female, and 1 x 1m Female/ Female Tuff hoses
    • Full range of spares available.
  • Used on types of pools

    • All pools that have a skimmer box, pump and filter system
    • Minimum pump size 500w/ 0.75HP
    • Chlorine pools/ Salt Pools/ Swim Spas
    • All surfaces
    • Above-ground/ in-ground
  • Usage Frequency

    • Daily
  • Safety Data Sheet

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