Our goal is to make pool care easy and more affordable. Here’s how:

Saves you money

  • No call out or service fees when you use Hy-Clor
  • Free water testing at Bunnings kiosks
  • Free water testing mobile app with dosage advise. Makes keeping your water in balance easy which saves you money
  • Great value products through Bunnings

Free Mobile App

  • Provides dosage requirements, specific to your pool and current water chemistry. Keeps your pool safe, sparkling and balanced, which saves you money
  • Free to download on Android and iOS

Learning Centre

  • Our Learning Centre has one simple goal….to educate our customers to enable them to make informed decisions about their pool care needs
  • No need to have your pool serviced for you, take control and save a bundle – it’s easy and rewarding!

Free Water Testing Kiosk

  • We have a water testing kiosk in the pool isle of every Bunnings store across the country. The test is free and the kiosk will let you know exactly what chemicals you need and what dosage is required, to get you pool or spa water safe, sparkling and in perfect balance.

Free Help Line & Email

  • If you are ever struggling to get your pool clear or need general advice about your pool, we are here to help. We have a free helpline (1800 625 123) which operates during office hours or email help@hyclor.com.au

Wide Range of Products

  • Hy-Clor is Australia’s largest distributor of pool chemicals
  • Hy-Clor is well known for it’s wide range of quality, value for money pool care products
  • All our products meet the relevant Australian/New Zealand standards including APVMA, ERAC etc.

Follow our five simple steps for a clean and sparkling pool!


Test water weekly at the same time of day. Take water sample or dip strip at the deep end.


Balancers are used to maintain correct water balance in swimming pools. A balanced pool uses / requires less maintenance.


Killing bacteria and harmful matter that finds its way into the water. Protects against contaminants.


Algae can turn clear water green making it slippery. Algaecides are an effective way of preventing Algae formation.


Clarifiers help your pool filter pick up those tiny little particles that make your water cloudy..

Hy-clor Smart Steps

Chlorinating Smart Steps

Clarifiers Smart Steps