Pool & Spa Testing

Pool and Spa Testing

When you have a pool or spa, you want to make sure that you are using the correct products at the right times to keep the pool crystal clear. After all, applying the wrong chemicals to the pool at the wrong time throws the chemical balance off, potentially leading to infections and mould or algae growth. That’s why pool and spa testing is important.

We offer a range of pool and spa testing products, from chlorine testing to pH testing kits that establish whether the water is safe for swimming. By offering high-quality testing equipment, we are proud to state that we are protecting swimmers across the country and making pool experiences as positive as can be.

You can purchase any of the popular Hy-Clor products at Bunnings, making sure the purchase process is quick and easy. Hy-Quality pool and spa testing products at Hy-Clor.

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Pool and Spa Test Strips, Kits and Tablets

Pool and Spa Testing FAQs

Have questions about Pool and Spa Testing? Get the Hy•Quality advice you need below.

How to test pool water?2023-01-16T14:10:09+11:00

Using the Hy-Clor water test bottle, place your thumb over the opening, your arm into the water until you are elbow deep, remove your thumb from the bottle and collect your sample. Then, place your finger back over the bottle and bring it up.

Next, we take a test strip, dip it into the water and avoid shaking the bottle.

Wait 15 seconds and then compare the strip with the Hy-Clor App on your mobile device or alternatively take your water sample to your nearest Bunnings store and check the sample at the Hy-Clor Kiosk. Try to test your water sample within a few hours of taking it.

How to test salt level in pool?2023-01-16T14:10:24+11:00

Using the AquaChek SaltChek, obtain your water sample as per pool testing steps using your Hy-Clor water test bottle.

Take a SaltChek test strip and dip it into the Hy-Clor water sample bottle. Avoid shaking the bottle when conducting the test. Wait 15 seconds and then compare the strip on the Hy-Clor App on your mobile device or alternatively you can take your water sample to your nearest Bunnings store and check the sample at the Hy-Clor Kiosk. Again making sure your water sample is taken the same day you check it, preferably within a few hours.

How to use a pool test kit?2023-01-16T14:10:32+11:00

Using a pool test kit can take time. It is best to follow the instructions of the manufacturer on how to correctly use a pool test strip.

How often should you test pool water?2023-01-16T14:10:40+11:00

Weekly during the swimming season (spring/summer) and fortnightly during the off-season (autumn/winter).

How to test for algae in a pool?2023-01-16T14:10:49+11:00

There is no way to actually test for pool algae, however there are a number of ways to determine if algae are present. If the pH levels are too high, it is likely algae could begin to grow. Further, if the free chlorine levels in your pool are too low, you will not have sufficient levels to fight the growth of bacteria and germs (i.e algae).

Questions About Pool and Spa Testing?

If you’d like to know more about how to go through the pool and spa testing process, get in touch with the Bunnings team today. Bunnings can walk you through the process and make sure that you have the highest quality water possible by using our top-of-the-line products.


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