Algaecide is a pool chemical that works to prevent algae from growing within your swimming pool. If your pool already has algae in it, you can use our pool algaecides to kill the algae. It’s highly recommended to use pool algaecides on a regular basis, typically on a weekly basis to ensure that your pool remains sanitary, safe to use and algae-free.

Algaecides are a chemical product that supports your pool cleaning sanitisers and should always be used in conjunction with pool cleaners rather than as an alternative. Taking active steps to prevent the growth of algae in your swimming pool by using algaecide is a must to maintain the condition of your pool but to also prevent the growth of harmful bacteria like e-coli that can stem from the growth of algae in your swimming pool.

If algae continues to persist in your swimming pool, even after the regular use of pool algaecide, this could be a sign of other pool systems not functioning correctly, like your pool filter or pool pump.

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How long after adding algaecide can you swim?2023-01-16T15:08:52+11:00

We recommend waiting at least 30 minutes after adding algaecide to your swimming pool as most algaecides are safe to swim with.

How long does it take for algaecide to work?2023-01-16T15:08:39+11:00

Depending on the severity of the algae present in the water, it can take anywhere from a few hours up to 2 days for the algaecide to effectively work and kill the algae in your pool.

How much algaecide goes in the pool?2023-01-16T15:08:26+11:00

The size and type of pool you own will determine how much algaecide your pool requires. With Hy-Clor Algaecide, the recommended dosage is 900ml per 10,000 litres for a heavy case of algae present in the water.

Questions about Algaecides?

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