Pool Hoses

Pool hoses

We carry an extensive range of pool hoses to help you find the perfect pool hose fitting for your pool. We ensure that all of the hoses we carry are designed with ease of use and durability in mind, ensuring an easy setup and a build quality that will last for years to come.

Our selection of hoses includes pool cleaner hoses and vacuum hoses for most types of pools. We carry both male/female and female/female hoses in a wide range of colours to suit your pool perfectly. Our genuine Hy-Clor hoses ensure a snug fit and airtight seal so that your pumps don’t have to work overtime to do their job.

All of our hoses at Hy-Clor are intelligently designed using high-quality materials that are UV stabilised to ensure longevity. To avoid any kinks or issues with your vacuum hose, make sure that you measure it out accurately. The right size is important because if it’s too long it’s prone to getting kinks and tangles which impact performance and durability. If it’s too short, the hose vacuum might not reach where you want it to, so make sure you get your measurements right.

You can purchase any of the popular Hy-Clor products at Bunnings, making sure the purchase process is quick and easy. Hy•Quality pool hoses at Hy•Clor.

Pool Hose FAQs

Have questions about pool hoses? Get the Hy•Quality advice you need below.

How to straighten a pool hose?2023-01-16T15:03:28+11:00

Pool hoses that have been left in a kinked position sometimes make it very hard for the cleaner to navigate around the entire pool. Try laying them out in direct sunlight for a few hours which will straighten them back to their original form.

How to connect a pool vacuum hose?2023-01-16T15:01:18+11:00

Ensure your pool vacuum hose is connected properly and cannot come loose in operation. If you do not have a ‘snug fit’ it can create air pockets affecting the performance of your automatic pool cleaner or manual vacuum. Before connecting your pool hose to the skimmer, ensure the filtration (pump) system is turned off. It is important you bleed the air from the pool hose by submerging each length of the hose into the water to ensure they are full of water before turning the pump on. If you do not do this, it can create an air gap in your pool hose line which can affect the suction back to the cleaner or vacuum head.

Questions About Pool Hoses?

If you’re unsure about the right pool hose for your needs or would like to know about the pool hoses available at Hy-Clor, get in touch with our team.


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