Rich blend of Mineral Salts which soften and smooth pool water for a more natural healthy feel. Helps reduce the need for clarifiers and algaecides, aids filtration and softens scale build-up on pool surfaces.

Evo Minteral Pool Salts is a blend of Magnesium Sulfate and Potassium Chloride that helps sanitise saltwater pools while introducing natural minerals to the pool water. Water is clearer, softer and smoother which is friendlier to swimmers with sensitive skin.

Evo Mineral Pool Salts can also assist with softening and reducing scale and calcium deposits throughout the pump, filter and chlorination system to help reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of chlorinator cells.

Please consult your chlorinator manufacture for the exact mineral content requirements before adding this product to the pool. Most Mineral chlorinators require Regular Pool salt at a set level to make chlorine and use very little magnesium for this process.

This Product is not a replacement for regular Pool Salt.

You must brush this product in as you are adding it to the pool.

  • Mineral rich
  • Works with most chlorinators
  • Easier on skin, eyes and hair
  • Friendlier to swimmers with sensitive skin
  • Aids with filtration and water clarity
Recommended dosage of Evo Mineral Pool Salts is at a rate of 20kg per 50,000L swimming pool. Add in conjunction with your regular salt dosage. Magnesium and Potassium remain effective in pool water to provide a more luxurious swimming experience. Test water regularly, consult your chlorinator manufacturers guide.
At the beginning and middle of the swimming season. Add to the shallow end of the swimming pool in the same way as regular pool salt. Mix in well using a pool broom while running pump and filter. Make sure your PH levels are below 7.8 before adding this product. Your pool may go green when this product has been added, this is normal please allow 48 hours for this to pass.