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  • What Chemicals Are Needed To Close a Pool?

    What chemicals are needed to close a pool? Learn the facts about winterising your pool safely so that it will be ready for use during the following season.

  • How To Put Chemicals in a Pool for the First Time

    Learn how to put chemicals in the pool for the first time. This beginners' guide will help you protect your pool during its first filling.

  • How Much Do Pool Chemicals Cost per Month?

    What do pool chemicals cost every month? Learn some of the answers and how to plan for the chemical maintenance costs of a pool.

  • Pool Chemical Guide: What You’ll Need, and How You’ll Need To Use It

    This pool chemical guide will help you learn how to make a pool feel just right. Learn about handling safety, necessary chemicals, and best practices.

  • What Pool Chemicals Do I Need to Get Started

    Are you thinking about installing a pool at your place? Of course, keeping your pool clean and healthy for the family to enjoy will be your top priority. A pool filter is considered the heart of a pool's circulation system and the most essential piece of equipment to keep a pool clean.

  • 5 Pillars Of Pool Care

  • How To Test Pool Water

    Learning how to test pool water is essential if you own a pool. Testing involves using HY-CLOR collection devices and test strips to see whether your pool has the right chemistry.

  • 5 steps to get your pool ready for swim season

    Swimming season is here! Is your pool ready for swimming? If not, Hy-Clor has 5 easy steps to help get your pool back to its sparkling best.

  • How To Correctly Add Chemicals To Your Pool

  • Green Pool Fix: If my Pool is Green, What Do I Do?

    If your pool is looking like a swamp, rest assured you are not alone! Many of us have faced the dilemma of a green pool, which doesn’t just look uninviting but can also be very unpleasant to swim in.

  • Rain Recovery Pool Essentials

  • Storing your pool chemicals safely