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What does brushing the pool walls do?2023-01-16T14:15:24+11:00

Regular brushing of the pool walls prevents algae buildup by hindering algae spores from getting a grapple on your pool walls. By regularly brushing, you do not give the algae enough time to get a strong grip on your pool wall. Regular brushing also helps loosen dirt/debris for you to clean from the pool surface with a manual vacuum or automatic pool cleaner.

How often should I brush my pool?2023-01-16T14:15:38+11:00

You should brush your pool wall and floor at least weekly during the swimming season and if you can spare the time, twice a week will ensure your pool is clear of any potential algae blooms.

Should I brush my pool every day?2023-01-16T14:15:50+11:00

Brushing your pool wall daily is generally not required, it is best to brush the pool weekly during the swimming season, or twice weekly to ensure the pool is free from algae blooms.

What can I use to brush my pool?2023-01-16T14:16:07+11:00

Brushing helps to dissolve and disperse the chemicals so they won’t etch, stain or scale the surface. Brushes made of nylon are most commonly used to brush pools as nylon brushes are soft and should not cause any harm to the pool surface.

Does brushing the pool help with algae?2023-01-16T14:16:31+11:00

Brushing the walls and floor prevents algae spores from attaching to the surface and growing. It also breaks up any existing algae that may have started to breed on the pool walls and floors.

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