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Pool Pump Filter FAQs

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How often should you change a water filter cartridge?2023-01-16T14:48:31+11:00

Most pool owners replace the filter cartridge every 3-5 years; however, this is heavily dependent on bather loads and the amount of dirt and debris your pool has to deal with. The biggest sign your filter needs to be replaced is the water quality. Eventually, no matter how much you clean your filter, you will need to replace it otherwise the pool water quality will gradually decline.

How to change water filter cartridge?2023-01-16T14:48:58+11:00

This is a quick and simple procedure:

  1. Turn off your pump
  2. Remove pressure from the air release valve
  3. Remove the collar and take the old filter cartridge out
  4. Replace with a new filter cartridge and close up your unit 5
  5. Run your system as per normal
How does a sand filter clean water?2023-01-16T14:49:12+11:00

>Water is pushed through the tank at high pressure and as it filters through the sand from the top to the bottom of the tank, particles like dirt, debris and body fats/oils are trapped by the sharp edges of the sand. This results in cleaner and clearer pool water.

Questions About Pool Pump Filters?

If you have any questions about pool filters and cartridge filters, get in touch with our team. We offer high-quality filtration solutions and can ensure that your water filtration is of the highest possible standards, leaving clear water more consistently.


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