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High purity natural magnesium salt which helps reduce the need for clarifiers and algaecides, softens and smooths pool water. Magnesium adds a natural flocculent to help pool water stay clear, aid filtration and reduce chlorinator running times.

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  • Features and Benefits

    • Additive free natural product
    • Works with most chlorinators
    • Helps reduce the “saltiness” of pool water
    • Softens and smooths the water, enhancing the swimming experience
    • Friendlier to swimmers with sensitive skin
    • Aids filtration and improves water circulation which helps reduce chlorinator running times
  • Used on types of pools

    • Salt Pools
    • All surfaces
    • Above-ground/ in-ground pools
    • Swim-spas
  • Usage Frequency

    • Recommended dosage is 25kg per 50,000L
    • Add MagSalt at the beginning and middle of the season in conjunction with your regular salt dosage
  • Application

    • Adds natural clarifiers to aid filtration and help maintain crystal clear pool water
    • Softens and smooths pool water
    • Helps extend the life of salt cell by reducing calcium build-up
    • Not for use in mineral pools
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