Mineral Salt

When you think about your relaxation time, there are always ways to improve. Mineral salts are an ideal addition to your pool experience, providing you with all the minerals you could need. Magnesium adds a certain silkiness to your pool, with magnesium chloride going the extra step and keeping your pool water clear. The salts also break down and absorb into your skin, relaxing muscles and loosening even the stiffest of joints. They are an ideal option for anyone looking to use their pool to stay in top physical shape.

Mineral salts are incredibly easy to use and are similar to Epsom salts. You won’t need to change your water filtration system as these salts are compatible with all kinds of filters, and transitioning to mineral salt instead of chlorination couldn’t be simpler. In fact, mineral salts make the filtration process easier by softening and reducing calcium and scale deposits.

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