Can Leaves Cause Problems for Pools

Contaminated Water from Pollen and Pesticides

Leaves can carry pollen and pesticides that contaminate pool water. Pollen particles can accumulate and form a layer on the water's surface that can clog your pool filter. Pollen may [...]

Contaminated Water from Pollen and Pesticides2024-01-23T13:02:37+11:00

Increased Algae Growth

Decaying leaves will release organic matter into your pool water. The organic matter serves as a food source for algae, speeding up its growth and making your pool unsafe for [...]

Increased Algae Growth2024-01-23T13:01:55+11:00

Pool Surface Staining

Leaves that sit in your pool for extended periods will begin to decay and release tannins. These can cause unsightly stains on plaster/concrete, vinyl, fibreglass, and some tiled pool surfaces. [...]

Pool Surface Staining2024-01-23T13:01:10+11:00

Clogged Pool Pump and Filtration System

Leaves can clog your pool’s pump and filter. A clogged system uses more energy and cleans less effectively. This is costly and bad for your pool water hygiene, requiring increased [...]

Clogged Pool Pump and Filtration System2024-01-23T13:00:12+11:00


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