Size (Kg)

1 Kg

Highly concentrated slow dissolving chlorine designed to remove the aggressive black spot strain of algae from pool surfaces.

High dosage treatment designed to be applied directly to trouble spots. It is a slow dissolving chlorine that allows it to deeply penetrate and remove the algae over a period of two days.

Directions for use: 

Key Steps:

  1. Brush affected area with an algae brush
  2. Turn filter off and sprinkle Blackspot Remover over the affected areas (use enough to cover the area)
  3. Leave filter off overnight
  4. The following morning brush the area again and resume normal filtration
  5. Re-apply if needed
  • Very effective blackspot removal
  • Powerful slow dissolving chlorine
  • Can be used as spot treatment, or for broader coverage
  • Salt Pools
  • Chlorine Pools
  • Pebblecrete and tiled pools only (not for use in fibreglass or vinyl pools)
  • As needed
  • To kill black algae