During Autumn it is important to continue regularly testing your pool water to maintain the required balance. Below are HY-CLOR’s top Autumn pool care tips:

1. Autumn is the season of falling leaves so make sure you regularly clean and remove the leaves from your skimmer box and pool surface. Leaves are one of the main sources of organic material that create phosphates in your pool. Phosphates are a key food source for algae, helping it to grow in your pool. Make sure you regularly apply phosphate remover to your pool to prevent algae blooms.


2. If you have a pool cover, put it to use as it will prevent leaves and debris from becoming trapped in your skimmer. This will reduce maintenance and also help to keep phosphates out of your pool. Remember to remove the cover for a few hours a week to let the pool breath.


3. Autumn is also known for storms and wet weather. Make sure you remove any pool toys from the pool and secure them in a dry location such as a garden shed. Your toys will last longer and it is one less thing you need to worry about keeping clean.


4. Check that all of your equipment is operating efficiently as it has been working hard during the summer season to ensure your pool stayed ‘swim ready’. Check there are no leaks coming from your pump and filter, all of the o’rings are lubricated and there are no visible cracks and that your pool fencing and gate are in working order.


5. As the weather gets cooler at the back end of Autumn, you should reduce your filtrations running time to approx. 4 hours per day. This will take stress off your equipment and reduce your energy costs.


6. With reduced bather loads and the colder weather, your pool chlorine demand decreases. If you have a saltwater pool, you should also consider reducing your chlorine output. Keep in mind the ideal range for free chlorine is between 1-3ppm.


Remember to visit your local Bunnings for your FREE water test or download the HY-CLOR Water Testing App from the Google play or Apple app store.