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Cloudy Pool Water Treatments

Maintaining a clean and healthy pool requires regular maintenance, including changing your pool filter. Dirty filters affect water quality, producing cloudy water or increased algae growth. By changing the filter, you get rid of debris and other things that could hurt swimmers. This leaves your pool water clean and clear.

Cloudy Pool Water Treatments2023-10-17T09:23:55+11:00

What Chemicals Are Needed To Close a Pool?

What chemicals are needed to close a pool? Learn the facts about winterising your pool safely so that it will be ready for use during the following season.

What Chemicals Are Needed To Close a Pool?2023-08-09T08:52:00+10:00

What Pool Chemicals Do I Need to Get Started

Are you thinking about installing a pool at your place? Of course, keeping your pool clean and healthy for the family to enjoy will be your top priority. A pool filter is considered the heart of a pool's circulation system and the most essential piece of equipment to keep a pool clean.

What Pool Chemicals Do I Need to Get Started2023-09-01T09:50:09+10:00

5 Pillars Of Pool Care

1. Circulation Pool water needs to move in order to disperse pool chemicals and improve water filtration. Stagnant water can create a breeding ground for bacteria and algae growth. Pool [...]

5 Pillars Of Pool Care2023-07-21T09:51:07+10:00

How To Test Pool Water

Learning how to test pool water is essential if you own a pool. Testing involves using HY-CLOR collection devices and test strips to see whether your pool has the right chemistry.

How To Test Pool Water2023-03-16T16:12:07+11:00

How To Correctly Add Chemicals To Your Pool

Adding in swimming pool chemicals can be a boring and time-consuming chore, but if you ignore or put-off these simple duties it can be detrimental to the health of the pool [...]

How To Correctly Add Chemicals To Your Pool2023-03-16T16:23:13+11:00

Green Pool Fix: If my Pool is Green, What Do I Do?

If your pool is looking like a swamp, rest assured you are not alone! Many of us have faced the dilemma of a green pool, which doesn’t just look uninviting but can also be very unpleasant to swim in.

Green Pool Fix: If my Pool is Green, What Do I Do?2023-11-24T13:21:29+11:00

Rain Recovery Pool Essentials

After heavy rain, your pool needs some TLC to get it back to its sparkling best and prevent it from going green. Below are the ‘go to’ products most pools [...]

Rain Recovery Pool Essentials2023-03-16T16:24:19+11:00

Storing your pool chemicals safely

When handling your pool chemicals its easy to forget the importance of storing them correctly. Not only could incorrect storage be a safety issue but it can also reduce the [...]

Storing your pool chemicals safely2023-03-16T16:24:34+11:00

How Does a Pool Sand Filter Work? A Guide

Are you installing a new pool at your place? Or has your family been enjoying their backyard pool for years? Every pool owner wants to know how to keep their [...]

How Does a Pool Sand Filter Work? A Guide2023-03-13T12:43:16+11:00


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