Above ground pools are a perfect choice for a number of reasons.

They are:
  • Inexpensive
  • Do not take too long to build
  • Can fit in small sized backyards
  • Fun for the whole family

But sometimes the pool maintenance can be a bit overwhelming for some.

At HY-CLOR we believe simplicity is key, so here are the top 4 actions to creating a swimming pool experience the whole family will enjoy.

1. Cleanse your pool weekly
  • Use the skimmer and pool vacuum to vacuum out any fine dirt and debris
  • By doing this weekly you ensure that you will not have a buildup of bacteria and algae, which causes even more time cleaning
2. Vinyl wall care
  • When your pools pH is too high, your pool will start to develop scum deposits on the vinyl/walls of the pool.
  • To eliminate this from happening, having a pH level of 7.2 will help to breakdown the formation of scum lines.
  • Weekly scrubbing of the walls will also reduce the amount of scum build-up.
3. Test your water
  • Depending on how much you use the pool, a rule of thumb is to test your pool once a week.
  • By checking your pool chemical levels regularly, you will ensure that your pool is properly balanced.
  • Testing the pool is easy, simply take a water sample to your local Bunnings and test with the HY-CLOR Kiosk. An accurate reading of your water chemistry helps you understand exactly how much and which chemical to put in your pool.
4. Check all equipment
  • Make sure once a month you check all pool equipment (Pump, Filter, Chlorinator etc.) to ensure there are no leaks or damage that has occurred.
  • Empty your pump basket and clean out any residue
  • Backwash or hose down filter
  • Clean your chlorinator cell where applicable