When it comes to skimming and scooping debris out of the pool, there are 3 types of pool nets that can be used:

1. Leaf Scoop

Leaf Scoops are used to lightly skim and remove small debris from the waterline level of the pool. They are used in smaller or above ground pools and are not generally used to clean the pool floor.

2. Leaf Rake

Leaf Rakes are used to remove larger debris from the pool’s surface and from the pool floor. This is done by sending the net to the pool floor with the mouth of the rake directed towards you and then dragging and pulling the rake, similar to raking leaves. This creates a slight current that collects debris into the net.

3. Leaf Shovel

Just like the Leaf Rake, Leaf Shovels are used to remove larger debris from the pools surface and pool floor. However, rather than pulling and dragging Leaf Shovels have an angled edge along the frame that allows you to push and shovel up debris. This creates a current that collects debris from the floor.