I know what you are thinking – pool maintenance is far from easy. Well we’re here to help!

You do not need a degree in chemistry to efficiently maintain your pool, but we understand it can be overly complicated and sometimes become a bit of a chore. However, you can adopt the challenge by informing yourself about pool maintenance, planning a time for pool care and making the effort to keep your pool in crystal-clear condition.

Follow these 3 steps and you will have it covered.

1. Weekly test and balance

Depending on how much you use the pool, a rule of thumb is to test your pool once a week. By checking your pool chemical levels regularly, you will ensure that your pool is properly balanced. Testing the pool is easy, simply take a water sample to your local Bunnings and test with the HY-CLOR Kiosk. An accurate reading of your water chemistry helps you understand exactly how much and which chemical to put in your pool. You can even test at home with the HY-CLOR app.

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2. Vac ‘n’ Brush

Regularly brushing and vacuuming is another key step in having a sparkling pool. Small bits of debris can collect on the walls and steps of your pool, use a brush to remove dirt and dust that is stuck to the surface of your pool and let it settle to the bottom of the pool. Once all sediment has dropped to the bottom of the pool, now is the time to manually vacuum through the skimmer. Remember to always backwash or clean your filter after a vacuum.

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3. Algaecides

Algae spores will always be present, no matter how well maintained your pool chemicals are. Unfortunately, algae continuously find its way into your pool due to many factors such as leaves, twigs, rain and wind. Treatment involves making sure that the spores are not able to bloom. Pool chlorine is used to kill the algae bloom but the best way to combat blooms is PREVENTION. Using a high strength preventative like HY-CLOR Super Algaecide is an effective solution to algae growth.

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