Pool and Spa Testing

How to test for algae in a pool?

There is no way to actually test for pool algae, however there are a number of ways to determine if algae are present. If the pH levels are too high, [...]

How to test for algae in a pool?2023-01-16T14:10:49+11:00

How to use a pool test kit?

Using a pool test kit can take time. It is best to follow the instructions of the manufacturer on how to correctly use a pool test strip.

How to use a pool test kit?2023-01-16T14:10:32+11:00

How to test salt level in pool?

Using the AquaChek SaltChek, obtain your water sample as per pool testing steps using your Hy-Clor water test bottle. Take a SaltChek test strip and dip it into the Hy-Clor [...]

How to test salt level in pool?2023-01-16T14:10:24+11:00

How to test pool water?

Using the Hy-Clor water test bottle, place your thumb over the opening, your arm into the water until you are elbow deep, remove your thumb from the bottle and collect [...]

How to test pool water?2023-01-16T14:10:09+11:00


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