So you’re probably wondering how to vacuum a pool. Well, we’re here to help with this handy little guide.

The process of vacuuming each surface type is pretty much the same:
  1. Connect the vacuum head to the pool – the head should clip into place
  2. Take the swivel end of your hose and attach it to the vacuum head
  3. Take the vacuum head and submerge it to the pool floor
  4. Submerge the whole vacuum hose in the water, releasing all air bubbles
  5. Remove the skimmer lid and attach your vacuum plate into place above the skimmer basket
  6. Check again that all the air is out of the vacuum hose
  7. Push the vacuum hose into the mouth of the vacuum plate
  8. Now, if all is correct the suction should be coming from the vacuum head
Vacuuming Technique

Vacuuming your pool floor is similar to vacuuming your house. You want to have short and slow overlapping runs. The pattern should look something like this:

It is best to stay with the overlapping pattern for the length of the pool. Continuously going up and down may seem repetitive, but will ensure there are no spots missed.

Troubleshooting Weak Suction

If it seems like the vacuum isn’t picking up debris, it is typically because air is getting into the vacuum hose or into the suction side of the pool pump. As soon as air gets into the lines, it will prevent any type of suction to work.

Potential reasons for this dilemma include the following:
  • The water level in the pool is too low: Make sure the water is high enough to cover the whole skimmer.
  • The vacuum hose has holes, or it isn’t fully connected: Confirm that the vacuum hose is firmly inserted into the vacuum plate and inspect the hose for cracks.
  • The skimmer or pump basket is full: Pull out the skimmer or pump basket and check for debris that may be obstructing water flow to the pump.
  • Air is getting into the pump through the pump lid: Turn on the pump and look through the lid to check for bubbles inside the pump itself. If you see any the O-ring seal may need to be lubricated or replaced.