Test water weekly at the same time of day. Take water sample elbow depth at the deep end of pool. Correctly adjusted or balanced water will significantly reduce the costs of maintaining a pool, avoid many problems and keep the swimming experience enjoyable.

Testing Your Pool

Testing your pool water is one of the most important things you can do for your pool. It’s important to test your pool water weekly to make sure the pH and alkalinity are balanced and keep your chlorine and salt levels in check.

Test in the morning and before adding chemicals. Take the water sample away from the edge, away from return jets or skimmer opening, at about elbow depth.

Dip a test strip into the water for two seconds, and then allow 15 seconds for the colours to develop.

An accurate reading of your water chemistry helps you understand exactly how much and which chemical to put in your pool. This saves you money by preventing the possibility of over-treating your water and keeps your pool healthy year-round.

For fast, easy and accurate testing use AquaChek test strips.

Learn More About Testing Your Pool

How To Test Pool Water

Learning how to test pool water is essential if you own a pool. Testing involves using HY-CLOR collection devices and test strips to see whether your pool has the right chemistry.

Hero Product

Ensure your pool is always looking crystal clear with the Hy-Clor 4-in-1 Test Kit. Tests four key parameters and comes in a compact convenient storage box.


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