Many memorable moments are made in and around the pool. Whether an unprompted gathering of family and friends or a planned party, you need to have your pool looking its best.

Before your gathering you should test the water to make sure it is balanced, ensure the pH is between 7.2 and 7.6 and test the water weekly at the same time of the day.

By placing your thumb over the testing bottle, take a water sample elbow deep at the deep end of the pool.

Correctly adjusted water will significantly reduce the costs of maintaining a pool and keep your swimming experience enjoyable.

Make sure your free chlorine levels are adjusted to a high range of 5ppm as the high level will be required for the high bather loads. This can be done by adding in liquid or granular chlorine or by boosting your output levels on the saltwater chlorinator.

To ensure you get the most out of your pool chlorine add Hy-Clor Granular Stabiliser. This protects the chlorine from the sun’s UV rays extending its life by up to 50%. Make sure you mix the stabiliser in a bucket of water before adding into the pool.

Add that extra sparkle by using  Hy-Clor’s Water Clarifier. Make sure you add this into the pool at least twenty-four hours before your pool party. This will allow the pool water clarifier enough time to bind any fine particles (suspended solids in the pool water) together, allowing them to be captured in the filter.

It’s just as important post pool party to treat your pool. Make sure you conduct another water test as your pool has been under high demand with the bather loads which may have unbalanced your pool water. Chlorine demand would have been higher than normal and as a result, you may need to shock your pool to increase your free chlorine levels. To quickly rectify this and bring your levels back to 5ppm you can add Hy-Clor’s Super Shock to the pool which will add a strong dose of chlorine to the pool killing any bacteria brought into the pool by swimmers.

The high bather loads may have also attracted organic materials such as grass clippings, soil and leaves into the pool which will turn into phosphates.  You need to remove these phosphates as they are a key food source for algae. Adding in Hy-Clor Phosphate Remover is highly recommended.

If the water is cloudy but you can still see the bottom of the pool add in Hy-Clor Water Clarifier.  This will bind any fine particles that are suspended in the pool water and help the water get back to its original sparkling state. If you cannot see the bottom of the pool floor you may need to use a floc such as Hy-Clor Super Floc.

Once your pool is back to its sparkling best, it is important you test your pool water weekly during swimming season to ensure it remains balanced, healthy, and safe for your family and friends to swim in.