Our summer is fast approaching and now is the time to pull out the ol’ brush and vacuum and get your pool in running order for a fun and exciting summer. It is important to take sensible steps while preparing a pool for summer use – having the right pool accessories and pool chemicals is the key to a crystal-clear pool and spa.

Following these easy but effective pool maintenance tips can prevent costly damage to your pool while ensuring the maximum enjoyment for the summer season.

  • Remove your pool cover and inspect for debris – leaves, sticks and other large debris needs to be scooped out and removed.
  • Algae and other smaller debris need to be scrubbed and vacuumed to waste where possible.
  • Check your filtration system – the filter, pump and plumbing should be regularly maintained and checked for any leaks or corrosion.
  • Make sure your pump and filter are fully primed to ensure there is no air locked in the system. Air locked in your system will create issues like – lack of suction and ineffective debris capture.

After your filtration system has been running and all the leaves and other debris have been removed it’s time for the fun, or not so fun part: Water Chemistry.

Typically, the most important levels to take into consideration are – Free Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity and Stabiliser levels. Getting these levels correct is crucial to creating a stress-free swimming pool experience.

  • Free Chlorine: Your pool chlorine level should be between 1-3ppm but never fall below 1ppm, pool chlorine is an integral part of your pool, a correct free chlorine level ensures that there is available chlorine to kill any active bacteria or algae spores at any given time.
  • pH: The perfect pH level of your pool water is between 7.4 – 7.6, the pH level is just as important as pool chlorine levels, chlorine only works effectively if the pH is correct.
  • Alkalinity: The alkalinity level of your pool acts as a buffer, which helps to withstand the rapid ups and downs in pH when adding additional chemicals to the water.
  • Stabiliser: The stabiliser or “Sunscreen” level is another important part of pool care, to put it simply, stabiliser supports your chlorine stay in the water longer by binding with your pools Free Chlorine.

Now that you know the basics of pool chemicals, get out there and have some fun. But if you need some extra help, don’t hesitate to give us a call on AU 1800 625 123  or NZ (09) 973 2477 for advice on what products are best suited to your needs.