With Easter around the corner, it’s time to get the pool ready for the long weekend.

Long weekends are the perfect time to spend some quality time with your family and friends. Not only do you want your swimming pool to be sparkling clear, it also needs to be safe and healthy. Chemical imbalance can cause skin and eye irritations, algae outbreaks and pool surface staining/scaling.

HY-CLOR’s Party Prep chemicals have been designed to provide protection against bacteria and algae whilst maximising the filtration capacity, water clarity and swimmer comfort. We have put together a handy guide to ensure your pool is swim ready

Weekend Prep:
  1. Test and balance waterFirst things first, test your water and ensure that balancing levels are in the correct range.
  2. Remove pool cleaner, hoses and vacuum plateThis is to ensure a full flow of circulation through the skimmer.
  3. Backwash and rinse the filter (backwash 3 minutes and rinse for 30 seconds) or clean out cartridge filterThis is to ensure your filter is free to capture any particles that may be present.
  4. Dissolve the required amount of HY-CLOR Spa Shock (or equivalent non-chlorine based oxidiser) in a clean bucket of water and pour into the pool in batches.Non-Chlorine based oxidisers use active oxygen to destroy contaminants while easing the load of your Free Chlorine Level and preventing the build up of chloramines.
  5. Pour required amount of HY-CLOR Algaecide into the poolThis is used to prevent harmful bacteria and algae from blooming
  6. Pour required amount of HY-CLOR CloudOut Clarifier into the poolThis is used to help bind all small particles together so they are big enough to be captured in your filter, creating that crystal clear look.
  7. Add required amount of HY-CLOR EVO Mineral into the shallow end and brush thoroughly until no sediment remainsEVO Mineral contains magnesium and potassium to create softer and more luxurious water whilst helping to protect from scaling.
  8. While the chemicals are being circulated, brush the walls and floor thoroughly to kick up dirt and debris 
  9. Run the pool for 6 hours or overnight if necessary


Now your pool is ready for some long weekend fun. If you need any extra assistant regarding this procedure, contact the HY-CLOR 7-day helpline on 1800 625 123