Pool Parties are a staple of Summer, not only do you want your swimming pool to be sparkling clear, it also needs to be safe and healthy for your family. Incorrect chemical balancing can cause skin & eye irritations, algae outbreaks, and pool surface staining/scaling.

Before you invite everyone you know, or at least the people you want enjoying your pool, you need to do a little bit of maintenance to prepare for all these swimmers. Your guests don’t want to swim in a pool that isn’t clean. Follow these steps to clean up your pool before the big day.

Brush your pool

Attach a pool brush to your telescopic pole and brush the floor, walls, and other hard-to-reach places in your pool, including behind ladders and pool steps. Brushing the pool will help get the dirt and debris out in the open so that your filter or cleaner can get rid of it.

Vacuum your pool

You want your pool to look its best, so you’ll need to vacuum your pool thoroughly to ensure there is no dirt and debris hanging around before your guests arrive. You can use your manual vacuum or automatic pool cleaner to get the job done.

Shock your pool

Be sure to shock your pool after you brush. Pool parties can cause an increased level of debris and more swimmer waste than usual. By adding the shock ahead of time, you are preparing your waters chemical levels to handle the strain of an onslaught of swimmers, divers and cannonballs.

You can use HY-CLOR Spa Shock, which is a non-chlorine based oxidiser that will kill any chloramines (used up chlorine) ensuring chlorine is free to kill any bacteria entering the pool via body fats, oils etc. HY-CLOR Spa Shock can be used 30 minutes before swimming.

Clarify and Algae Prevention

Be sure to add water clarifier and algae eliminator as well. This will ensure when guests enter your backyard, they will be greeted by crystal clear water.

Use HY-CLOR CloudOut Clarifier which is a high-strength clarifying agent that binds small particulate matter together, ensuring the pool water is crystal clear and inviting for the upcoming party

Use HY-CLOR Super Algaecide, which is a wide-spectrum algae killer which will provide another layer of protection against pools turning green during high bather load, ensuring your pool remains clear

That’s it, you are good to go. Let the party commence and the fun begin. Using these easy steps before every party will ensure a relaxing time by the water. For any more information on pool and spa care, do not hesitate to contact HY-CLOR on 1800 625 123.