Cartridge Filter CFX 50

50 SQ FT Filter

Hy-Clor high cartridge filters are ideal for small to large domestic swimming pools and spas and offer outstanding performance and durability. Moulded from high-density polyethylene, they are corrosion and chemical resistant for extremely long life. They provide outstanding performance and durability. Ideal for confined spaces, they are easy to install and reduce water wastage due to the backwash cycle not being required.

The CFX 50 uses the Replacement Cartridge “POSCF075” or Bunnings I/N: “3090132”


495mm High
177mm Outer Diameter
Inner diameter of 75mm

Discontinued CF 50 uses the HY-CLOR SKU: “POSCF050” Bunnings I/N: “3090134”


355mm High
177mm Outer Diameter
Inner diameter of 75mm

  • The CFX 50²ft is designed to be used with pools of up to 45,000 liters.
  • Unions suit 40mm PVC Pressure pipe.
  • Max Flow Rate 190LPM
  • Compact design for confined spaces such as spas and pools where filter box space is limited
  • Reduced water usage as backwash cycle is not required
  • Easy-access to filter for convenient cleaning
  • Ideal for small to large sized residential in-ground and above ground pools
  • Ideal for chlorine or salt water pools
  • Ideal for spas
  • Chemical resistant components and plastics
  • Full range of spares and replacement filters available
  • We offer a complete selection of spare parts for your convenience.
  • The CFX-50 has dimensions of 70.8 cm high and 27.6 cm wide.
  • The clearance above the filter will need to be a total of approximately 122 cm high for easy access and removal of the element.
  • They have been specifically designed for the filtration of water in swimming pools under Australian
  • CFX 50 : HY-CLOR SKU: “CFXCARTFILT50” Bunnings I/N: “0327237”
  • Discontinued CF 50: HY-CLOR SKU: “POSCF050” Bunnings I/N: “3090128”