Size (inches)


21” Fiberglass Sand Filter

A durable, high performance, low maintenance sand filter. It is designed for easy installation and operation.

Key features include crossover fiberglass technology and a dual – layer fiberglass tank. This filter is designed for DIY installation and maintenance, it is compatible with Hy-Clor’s Zeo-Clor sand filter media, for the 21″ fiberglass sand filter 5 bags (72.25kg) of  Zeo-Clor is recommended.

For our 21″ filter, we recommend a pool size of 46,000 liters, with a maximum capacity of 80,000 liters.

The 21″ filter best suits Hy-Clor’s 0.75hp pool pump (I/N: 0293259)

  • Laser etched marked multiport valve - never peel or fade
  • Quick connect unions to suit 40mm PVC pressure pipe
  • Unions adjustable to 15° making installation much easier
  • Crossover fiberglass technology - Dual layered fiberglass tank
  • In-line backwash sight glass
  • Oil-filled stainless steel pressure gauge. Two location options
  • Designed flow rate: 192L/min
  • Recommended pool size: '46,000L'
  • Max. pool size: '80,000L'
  • Chlorine pools/ Salt Pools
  • All surfaces
  • Above-ground/ in-ground
  • Spas
  • Swim-spas