HY-CLOR Hydrotherapy Sport RX Spa Fragrance

Size (L)

1 L

HY-CLOR’s Hydrotherapy Sport RX Spa Fragrance adds an extra level of comfort and luxury to your at home spa experience. With a blend of magnesium the Hydrotherapy Sport RX fragrance will assist in rest and recovery whilst also adding a crisp scent to your spa.

Directions for use: 

  1. Pour 70mL/ 1000L into spa
  2. Shake bottle thoroughly before using
  3. With the circulation pump running, pour the required amount of spa fragrance into the water and stir through
  • Add an extra level of luxury to your spa
  • Blend of magnesium and a crisp fresh fragrance
  • Unique hydrotherapy blend assists with rest and recovery
  • Built in clarifier helps clear spa water