Algaefree Pool Blocks

Size (Kg)

1.5 Kg

Pool Blocks all seasons algaecide is an extra strength, slow release solid tablet algaecide suitable for all chlorine and salt water pools. Eliminating all forms of Green, Mustard and Blackspot Algae long term to deliver outstanding results in harsh environments.

Using regularly stops your pool from turning Green when chlorine levels fall making pool care simple while saving you Money.

Directions for use: 

Key Steps:

  1. Place Pool Blocks in skimmer box
  2. Adjust pH to between 7.2 – 7.6 and maintain during treatment
  3. Clean backwash and run filter regularly
  4. Use stiff bristled brush weekly to remove any hard outer crusts
  5. A monthly maintenance dose is recommended if algae growth persists
  • Blackspot, Mustard & Green Algae Killer
  • Eliminate algae from walls, grouting & steps
  • Reduce chlorine consumption
  • Handy monthly slow release tablet
  • Long life algaecide for summer & winter
  • Makes pool water sparkling clear
  • Salt Pools
  • Chlorine Pools
  • All surfaces – an excellent treatment for pools with alkaline surfaces such as Concrete, Marble Sheen, Plaster & Pebblecrete
  • Above-ground
  • In-Ground
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • As needed
  • Monthly or quarterly prevention and treatment of stubborn algae in swimming pools
  • In advance of or after rain, wind or other extreme weather
  • Effective in helping prevent green pools over the winter months, an ideal winterise treatment