Protect your pool against heat and chemical loss with HY-CLOR’s Liquid Pool Blanket. Get up to 4 months coverage while using HY-CLOR Liquid Pool Blanket.

Directions for use: 

Key Steps:

  1. Shake bottle thoroughly before using
  2. With the pump running pour the required amount in front of the pool return jets and run the pump for 4 hours or until the water has fully circulated
  3. This product lasts up to a month in pool water and one bottle can last up to four months in 50,000L pool (depending on weather and pool conditions)
  • Helps reduce heat loss and evaporation
  • Save on your energy costs
  • Does not affect the chemical balance in your pool
  • Up to 4 months coverage
  • A safe alternative to traditional covers, making this a family-friendly option for children and pets
Can be used on all pool types