Size (L)

15 L

Hy-Clor Liquid Chlorine is 100% soluble and will not cloud pool water. It begins working instantly and kills algae and bacteria on contact.

Empty 15Lt drums can be returned to Bunnings for a deposit.

Fresh chlorine is odourless. Smell is therefore not a good indicator of chlorine strength.

All Hy-Clor chlorine meets a minimum standard of 125g/Lt (12.5%) . Every batch is tested.

Chlorine strength is reduced over time if stored incorrectly. Store upright, away from direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place.

Directions for use: 

Required levels: Do not exceed a concentration of 100mg/L of isocyanurate

Key steps:

Super chlorination: During the swimming season, super-chlorinate once per week. After super-chlorination, the pH balance of your pool should be checked

Winter maintenance: A super-chlorination dose once a month is necessary to maintain your pool in good condition during winter

  1. The correct level of free chlorine should be maintained for serval hours prior to and during swimming activity
  2. Chlorine levels and pH should be tested daily
  3. If pH falls below the required level add pH increaser
  4. If pH rises above the required level add dry acid / hydrochloric acid
  5. Dose pool in the evening when the pool is not in use
  6. Dose pool and then test to ensure the required free chlorine levels are reached
  7. If stabilisers are present in the pool stabiliser should be tested fortnightly – if 100mg/L of stabiliser is exceeded, the ability of the chlorine to control algae and bacteria is reduced
  8. Under no circumstances should stabiliser concentrations be allowed to exceed 100mg/L