Size (L)

1 L

Specially developed for use in salt water pools, SaltActiv is fast acting and 100% soluble with a low foam formulation. Helps restore sparkle and clarity to dull, cloudy pools.

Binds fine particles that cloud pool water together, allowing them to be captured by the filter. Restores sparkling clear water fast.

Directions for use: 

  1. Balance pool water
  2. Shake well before use
  3. New or heavily soiled pools
  4. Add 20ml per 1,000L of pool water (1L per 50,000L)
  5. Once pool is clear go forward with adding 10mL per 1000L every 3 – 4 weeks or as required
  6. No need to dilute
  7. Backwash filter / clean cartridge and pour into pool near return to pool outlets
  8. Turn the filter for 8 – 10 hours
  9. The suspended particles will settle to the sides and bottom of the pool
  10. Vacuum the residue and backwash the filter / clean cartridge to remove any remaining particles from the system
  • Formulated specifically for saltwater swimming pools
  • Improves the efficiency of your filtration system
  • Concentrated formula
  • No dilution or mixing required
  • Fast acting
  • Add direct to pool water
  • Suitable for all filter types
  • Won’t raise pH
  • Does not affect pH
  • Salt Pools
  • All surfaces
  • Above-ground/ in-ground
  • Swim-spas
  • Dull pool water
  • To restore shine and sparkle