Quarterly Maintenance

There are certain types of deep cleaning and maintenance that only need to be done 4 times a year. We suggest doing it at the chance of seasons to keep it simple.

Clean The Exterior Of The Spa

Get out a brush and the appropriate cleaning fluid for the material of your hot tub cabinet. Of course, you can clean the cabinet as necessary as possible – if it gets dirty or it’s starting to look grimy. Make sure you give it a thorough cleaning at least once ever season.

Drain and Clean

Drain the spa and do a deep clean on the entire shell. Take note of any damage like chips or cracks and call a professional if you need repairs. This is your chance to get rid of any chemical, mineral, or gunk buildup below the water level.

Refill and Balance

Refill the Spa and make sure not to overfill. When you have refilled the spa, test the water and balance until your alkalinity, pH and sanitiser levels are where they should be.

Soak Filter

While you are cleaning and refilling the tub – soak the filter in a cleaning solution. This quarterly soak will really get out the build-up of fine debris.

Annual Maintenance

Once a year, preferably around the same time each year you should do a full tune-up.

The following tasks should be done at least once a year. Remember, you can schedule your maintenance so that your monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance fall on the same day.

Pipe Degrease

Flush all the plumbing lines with a spa pipe degreaser. This gets rid of bacteria and biofilm that builds up over time.

Check all the hardware and wiring.

Spas are usually pretty simple devices, but there are some components that can degrade over time. Weather, pests, chemicals, and everyday wear and tear can all take a toll. If you’re not sure what you’re looking at, bring in a spa maintenance professional.

Professional Inspection

Bring in a professional for a full tune-up. A pool maintenance professional will look at every aspect of your spa and make any necessary repairs.