With energy prices rising, winter is the perfect time to adjust your pool settings to help reduce energy consumption. Below is a 7-point winter care checklist.

1. Reduce your filtration running time by up to 50% (i.e., from 8hrs to 4hr daily).


2. Check the pH is between 7.2 and 7.6 and your total alkalinity levels are within the desired range.


3. Use a pool cover to stop debris and contaminants entering the pool and visually check fortnightly.


4. Check equipment is in working order with no unusual noises or leaks.


5. Add an algaecide to your pool. If your pool can use a copper-based algaecide, we recommend HY-CLOR long life algaecide. The copper can remain active in the pool for up to 3 months, targeting potential algae growth.


6. Regularly check your sanitiser levels which should be between 1-3ppm. We recommend this is carried out weekly.


7. If your sanitiser levels drop because of rain during winter, use a shock treatment such as HY-CLOR Supershock


By implementing the above, you could avoid spending hundreds in spring getting your pool ready for the swimming season.