Weekly Maintenance

Once a week, perhaps on the weekend you will need to go one step further and spend about 20-30 minutes for your weekly maintenance.

Full Test & Balance

Test your water for alkalinity, pH, hardness and sanitiser. Make adjustments. Once a week you should adjust everything back to their ideal levels.

Shock the Spa

You can use chlorine-based or non-chlorine shock. HY-CLOR recommends using Spa Shock, just make sure to carefully follow the directions on the back of the container. Leave the cover off for a few hours afterwards.

Clean Spa Filtration

Remove your Spa filter and rinse it out with a garden hose. A clean filter will do a better, more efficient job cleaning your water.

Clean your spa cover.

Wipe down your Spa cover with a specialised cover cleaner. Clean the top and bottom. Dust can settle on the top of the cover and wiping it down weekly will prevent a buildup. Wiping the inside of the cover weekly prevents the accumulation of mold or algae.

Monthly Maintenance

Once a month you will need to do a more intense clean. You can coordinate your monthly checks with your daily and weekly checks to save time.

Extra Filter Clean

Rinse your filter with a specialised filter cleaner. Not every rinse needs to be with chemicals, but doing it once a month will clear out any excess dirt or grime.

Inspect Spa Jets

Assuming you use your spa regularly, you would notice if a jet wasn’t working correctly. However, take this opportunity once a month to purposely check each jet to make sure it is working and there is no external damage like cracks of loose parts.