To keep your pool balanced, you should first conduct a water test to determine the required chemicals you need to keep your pool water healthy and sparkling. The most commonly used pool chemicals are:

Chlorine is a sanitiser that kills bacteria and controls the growth of algae and is available as liquid, granular or tablets. It can also be produced by a salt chlorinator.

Balancing chemicals
The key areas to balancing the pool are total alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid.

Shock treatment
This is the process of adding chemicals (usually chlorine) so your pool is healthier for swimming. Commonly referred to as super chlorinating the pool, Hy-Clor has a SuperShock that is specifically used to shock the pool.

Used to kill and prevent the growth of algae in pools. Algae is the result of unbalanced pool water and depending on the severity and type of algae, there is a range of algaecides you can use to eliminate and prevent the growth of algae.

Clarifiers bind fine particles together so they can be captured in the pool filter and restore the pool water to its sparkling best.