You should not add certain pool cleaning chemicals simultaneously because they can react and cause dangerous chemical reactions.

Here are some examples:

  • Liquid Chlorine and acid (such as muriatic acid or sulfuric acid)
  • Shock treatments and acid
  • Liquid Chlorine and algaecides
  • Liquid Chlorine and shock treatments
  • Liquid Chlorine and calcium hypochlorite (Granular Chlorine)

Waiting at least several hours between adding chemicals is vital to allow the chemicals to circulate fully and dissolve in the water.

  • Dissolve chemicals separately in a clean bucket of water & pour into the pool
  • Never add water to chemicals always add chemicals to water
  • Never add chemicals directly to the skimmer box
  • Always wait minimum 1 hour after adding chlorine before adding pH decreaser/acid
  • Do not pour Granular Chlorine or Super Shock directly into the pool, wait at least 30 mins after mixing to add into pool
  • Always remove your pool cleaner prior to dosing any pool chemicals
  • Do not add Chlorinating products to pools with a high copper content. If high copper levels are suspected, test and do not add until levels are below 0.2ppm