Keeping your pool or spa water clear and sparkling not only looks great, but assist your filtration system, reduces the amount of chlorine and other chemicals used and helps reduce overall pool running costs.


Cloudy water usually has three main causes. Pool Environment – weather, trees, gardens, sunlight, pool usage, people and pool algae. Pool Filter – it’s not working properly, not running it long enough and there’s no clarifier to help make it more effective. Water Balance – high pH, high phosphates or excessive amounts of other pool chemicals.

To quickly clear your water and keep it sparkling, start by balancing the pool water, adjusting chlorine levels and maintaining salt levels.

Supercharge your filter – rinse your cartridge filter, or backwash your sand filter to clean the sand. Run the pump, increasing pump running time increases the filtration.

Use a Pool Clarifier – liquid or tablet clarifiers help the filter catch small particles that cloud pool water. Clarifiers are extremely effective at restoring and maintaining shine and sparkle, as well as improving the efficiency of all other pool chemicals, including chlorine.

Use a Flocculent – powerful and extremely effective at dropping all debris in water to the pool floor. Use when you’re in a rush or have to clear a very green or muddy pool fast. After using a floc, you’ll need to vacuum the pool debris on the floor to waste.

Hero Product

Effective water conditioner that clears lacklustre pool water, restoring sparkle and clarity. It is suitable for all pool types and will not affect the pH balance. Binds fine particles that cloud pool water together, allowing them to be captured by the filter. Restores sparkling clear water fast.