You may have done a pool water test and everything looks ok, but what you may not be aware of is if you are planning on a high bather load over the next coming days it can significantly impact your pool water chemistry.

Each time a swimmer jumps in your pool they are bringing bacteria and germs with them. Body oils, sunscreen, urine and other contaminants all have an influence on your pool water chemistry.

So, what are some of the steps you can take to prep your pool for high bather loads?


1. Test your pool water regularly – using the FREE HY-CLOR water testing app test your pool water before and after higher bather loads to ensure your pool water chemistry is in check. If you need test strips simply drop into your local Bunnings Warehouse and pick up the AQUACHEK 4-in-1 Pool Test Strips 


2. Shock your pool – your pool chlorine demand increases during high bather loads to cope with the bacteria and germs your pool swimmers have brought into your pool water. If your free chlorine is not between 1-5ppm we recommend shocking your pool. The HY-CLOR Super Shock will quickly raise your chlorine levels and eliminate any chloramines that can cause eyes and skin irritations.



3. Preventative Pool Maintenance – Whether it’s the middle of summer or winter we encourage you to follow a preventative pool maintenance regime. This will provide you with the reassurance your pool has the extra ‘insurance’ to keep away algae, phosphates and other nasties. For more information you can read our handy tips blog on ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’.


 4. Check your pool equipment – during swimming season your pool equipment is working overtime to keep up with your pool demands. We recommend you periodically (monthly) check your pool equipment is running efficiently with no unwanted noises, leaks or parts that may need cleaning are addressed. This will not only help maintain a sparkling pool but also ensure you get the longevity out of your pool equipment and keep your costs down.