With the erratic weather we have experienced this summer it’s harder than usual to keep your pool balanced. Hy-Clor has a range of preventative pool chemicals that help keep your pool in check and ultimately reduce the cost of upkeep.

Hy-Clor Long Life Algaecide

Hy-Clor’s Long Life Algaecide can be used as a preventative algaecide, applied monthly or quarterly. Based on a 50,000 litre pool if you apply 1 litre per month the copper based algaecide will kill and control algae growth. Suitable for all pool types, it can be used in both chlorine and salt chlorinated pools and it’s a great all year round treatment.

Hy-Clor Phosphate Remover

Phosphates are the essential ingredient algae needs to grow. Phosphates are organic materials that naturally occur in your pool, originating from dead leaves, soil, lawn clippings and many other sources. With all the excess rain we have been experiencing a lot of organic matter has been regularly washed into your pool, in turn potentially creating phosphates.

Hy-Clor’s Phosphate Remover targets and removes phosphates from the pool which in turn starves algae of its main food source. The required amount of Hy-Clor Phosphate Remover to be applied will be dependent upon the level of phosphate in your pool. Even if you do not have a phosphate level reading in your pool, we recommend an ongoing monthly dose as a preventative measure.


Hy-Clor Water Clarifier

To make sure your pool maintains that extra sparkle particularly during the summer season a monthly dose of Hy-Clor’s Water Clarifier is recommended. Hy-Clor’s Water Clarifier binds together fine particles that cloud the water, allowing them to be captured by the filter, the result being a clearer, sparkling pool.


Water Test

Last but not least, ensure you are regularly testing your pool water. Using the Hy-Clor app which is free to download online for both Apple and Android phones you can quickly and easily check your pools water chemistry. Alternatively, visit your local Bunnings with a water sample and use the instore kiosk to conduct a FREE water test. The system will deliver your results and provide you with step-by-step instructions on what is required to maintain a sparkling and safe to swim in pool.