Size (g)

600 grams

A fast acting powerful chlorine tablet that’s made for small pools and used with a floating dispenser. Small tablet size allows for easy and accurate dosing without having to break tablets apart. Zero residue no-clouding formulation is ideal for pools with no, or very limited filtration.

Ideal for once a week dosing. Used to control algae and bacteria and stabilised to increase chlorine life in outdoor pools.

Directions for use: 

Required levels:

Key Steps:

  1. Place tablets into a spa floating dispenser or fill automatic chlorinator device
  2. The correct level of free chlorine should be maintained for serval hours before and during swimming activity
  3. Chlorine levels and pH should be tested daily
  4. If pH falls below the required level add dry alkali
  5. If pH rises above the required level add dry acid or hydrochloric acid
  6. Stabiliser levels must be tested fortnightly
  7. Once stabiliser levels reach 100ppm do not use this product until stabiliser levels fall below that level
  8. Instead use an unstabilised chlorine product to maintain free chlorine levels
  9. If 100ppm of stabiliser is exceeded the ability of the chlorine to control algae or bacteria is reduced
  • Small tablets for easy, accurate dosing
  • Slow dissolving for measured weekly dosing
  • Stabilised for longer lasting protection
  • Control algae and bacteria in swimming pools
  • High strength formula
  • No residue, no clouding
  • Small pools
  • Seasonal pools
  • Waders
  • Soft wall pools
  • Pools with no filtration, or very small filtration
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • As required
  • Ideal for weekly maintenance of small pools
  • Calcium-free formulation ideal for salt pools
  • Maintain chlorine levels without the need for daily dosing