Size (Kg)

1.25 Kg

Multi action balances, sanitises and clarifies spa water. Ideal for spa start-up and powerful all-in-1 spa maintenance. 7-in-1 formulation provides a shock dose, increases total alkalinity, increases calcium hardness and pH, coagulates suspended solids, provides scale and corrosion protection and reduces iron and copper staining.

Directions for use:

Key Steps:

  1. Apply product to a bucket of water, mix the product until the dose has been dissolved and then pour product across the surface area of the water
  2. Turn the filter on and operate for approx 4 hours for a spa and 24 hours for a pool
  3. If the water has not cleared completely after this time, continue to operate until it does
  4. Test the water and adjust as necessary to bring in line with water balance table
  5. Fill the spa dispenser with Hy-Clor’s spa tablets and open to allow the maximum amount of water – place the dispenser in a position where agitation will occur, such as the skimmer box
  • Helps prevent corrosion and staining/fading of your spa surface
  • Chlorine free
  • Fast dissolving 100% soluble
  • Won’t cloud spa water
  • Shock Treats
  • Raises Total Alkalinity
  • Raises calcium hardness
  • Increases pH
  • Clarifies water
  • Reduces iron and copper staining
  • Spa Specific product/formula
  • All spa surfaces
  • All spa types
  • Suitable for ionised pools and spas
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • As required
  • New spa, refill spa, top-up spa
  • All-in-1 spa water treatment