Even though you may not be swimming in your pool during winter, there are some essential maintenance routines we recommend to help keep your pool water hygenic.

1. Clean in and around your pool

Brush the pool walls, skim the surface and vacuum the pool floor to ensure debris is removed.


2. Test and balance the pool water

Ensuring your pool water is balanced during winter could save you time and money when spring hits. Make sure your pH is in check (between 7.2 and 7.6), your alkalinity is right (80-150 parts per million) and your calcium levels are 180ppm or higher.  We recommend you test the pool water every two weeks in winter.

Using HYCLOR’s winterising pack  will add the extra insurance so your pool water is kept healthy during winter.


3. Check your pool equipment

Make sure you routinely inspect your pump and filter for any leaks and unusual noises. Adjust the timers as in most cases you can reduce your filtration systems running time by 50% during winter, lowering your overall energy consumption.


4. Apply your pool cover

If you use a pool cover, make sure your cover is undamaged as loose parts can get into your filtration system. These can become stuck in your pump or filter which can cause damage.


Every two weeks it is recommended you pull back the pool cover slightly to inspect the water for any signs of staining or scaling.