Algae grows fast and can turn clear clean water into a cloudy or green and unattractive pool overnight. Pool walls and floors can become slippery and hazardous underfoot. Once algae is visible a substantial problem exists and can lead to costly repairs.

Removing Algae

Algae lives on phosphates and sunlight and grows extremely fast. Algae loves warm water, high pH, chlorine levels that are too low and swimming pools where the filtration is poor and the pool pump isn’t being run long enough.

Green algae is the most common and is usually easily controlled and removed. Mustard or yellow algae is also easily prevented, however is more difficult to get rid of and needs powerful super chlorination. To kill black algae you’ll need an algae brush and specialist black spot treatment.

To prevent algae watch your pH, maintain chlorine levels, and use an algaecide as well as a phosphate remover to eliminate the food algae feeds off. Use a clarifier to help filtration, maintain your filter and run your pool pump.

To remove algae use a pool net to remove any visible algae and other debris in the pool water. To weaken and loosen-up the algae, brush walls and floors, under your ladder, on your pool steps and in all corners.

With filter set to circulate and pump running reduce your pH with pool acid. Shock treat to raise chlorine levels to 5-10ppm and run for at least 4 hours. Add a flocculent and circulate. Let the pool settle overnight, vacuum to waste the next day.

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